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Fuse It CD

Fuse It or Lose It
was Blusion’s® debut CD.

The music is jazz fusion, funky blues,
rock, hip-hop jazz, and salsa,
with a dash of classical
for a little variety.

The work is offbeat, unpredictable,
and has been described as “different.”

If Blusion® had set out to make a CD that, by its nature, had a severely restricted potential for marketability, they could now honestly say that their effort succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

For “Fuse It Or Lose It,” Blusion® developed a sure-fire formula for unpopular appeal: weird angular sometimes atonal melodic shapes, meter changes, very long songs with obscure and discomforting lyrics, and a variety of groove shifts which tend to frustrate, confuse, discourage and humiliate dancers.

Fuse It was recorded, mixed and mastered by award-winning engineer Stephen Hart. The basic tracks were done at monster-drummer Steve Smith's Novato California home studio in two long days of recording. Subsequent tracking, mixing and mastering was done digitally at Stephen Hart’s home studio over the next several months.

Included in Fuse It's lineup are singer Rustie Woods, founding member of Blusion®, band leader, manager, producer, and booking agent, and her partner in crime, bassist, composer/arranger and songwriter Paul Dean. Also featured are Sunil Sharma, guitarist extraordinaire and dedicated rabble-rouser of Dissident Voice, along with saxophonist Tony Bigham, all-around superdude and the instrument repair guru of Anthony's Woodwinds. Joining them are jazz monster John Simon on keys and percussionist and drum genius Kendrick Freeman. And last but certainly not least, the drum god, Steve Smith.

Fuse It Or Lose It  listen and have an unforgettable musical experience.

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