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In a corporate controlled, post democratic, capitalist society, your value and voice is measured by the sheer volume of mindless goods and services you consume. In a continuing effort to satisfy our fans, and society as a whole, we are proud to present to you these items to extend your range of consumer choice.

Here you can relax and enjoy your shopping experience. No traffic jams, parking hassles, or travel expenses. One less trip in that gas guzzling beast sitting in your driveway. Sure it's a beautiful thing and all heads turn as the sun glistens off that shiny gold "emblem package" on your brand new Hummer. But think of the contribution you're making to help stave off those annoying little inconveniences of life like global warming and peak oil.

So feel good in your virtual world, and feel safe with secure Paypal transactions.

Here's our new CD
Sign of the Times
Sign of the Times Listen
Free Speech in America
   ~   Funk

War Machine
   ~   Rock

Sign of the Times
   ~   Smoky Blue Jazz Ballad

Meat Chicken
   ~   Funkster Spunk

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USA Orders Canada International
$10 plus S&H - Click for Shipping Rates

Here's our first CD
Fuse It Or Lose It
Fuse It or Lose It Listen
Bullets in the Dark
   ~   Latin Jazz Fusion

Too Hip To Hop
   ~   Hip Hop Spunkster Funk Fusion

Liquid Sky
   ~   Medieval Jazz Ballad

Auto Erotica
   ~   Rock / Hip-Hop

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USA Orders Canada International
$10 plus S&H - Click for Shipping Rates

Gotta' have 'em both? Well now you can.....
Blusion Collection
   The Blusion® Collection
Sign of the Times & Fuse It Or Lose It
   ~  $14.00/set plus shipping

USA Orders ~ Free Shipping

Canada ~ shipping $4.00/set

International ~ shipping $6.00/set

Blusion® T-Shirts, WoW! ~ $8.00 plus $4.00 shipping
View T-Shirt Image
In Blue      In Black

Size Color
I'm Confused Discount  1 of ea color
   $13.00 for 2
  plus $7.00 shipping

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