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Music Samples

Welcome to the 'Rough Jazz' sounds of Blusion®
Sit back, relax, enjoy a beverage and give a listen.
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Sign of the Times Fuse It or Lose It
Free Speech in America
   ~ Funk
Bullets in the Dark
   ~ Latin Jazz Fusion
Pirate in a Pinstripe Suit
   ~ Sea Chantey Blues
More & More
   ~ Straight Ahead Jazz
Shacks and Palaces
   ~ Baroque Folk Rock
Too Hip To Hop
   ~ Hip Hop Spunkster Funk
Party Song
   ~ Sing-a-long Disco
Soul Doubt
   ~ Blues / Funk Jazz
War Machine
   ~ Rock
Liquid Sky
   ~ Medieval Jazz Ballad
Harder They Come
   ~ Reggae / Funk
   ~ Blues Classical Fusion
Sign of the Times
   ~ Smoky Blue Jazz Ballad
Auto Erotica
   ~ Rock / Hip-Hop
Don't Think I'm Angry
   ~ Rap
Mental Floss
   ~ Funk Ballad / Salsa
Meat Chicken
   ~ Funkster Spunk
Time After Time
   ~ Pop Ballad
Voices of the Prophets
   ~ Jazz Fusion
Get Up
   ~ Big Band Reggae

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