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We, the members of Blusion®, are an esoteric, cult-like secret society, whose aims go far beyond those of most musicians. Our goal is to completely transform society and world culture.

We believe that the most efficient, and therefore most desirable social structure, would be accomplished by unifying all people under the dominance of a single mega-corporate entity which controls every aspect of commerce, government, art and private life. Everything we undertake is in an effort to bring this about. Single mega-corporate control of everything would eliminate the appalling inefficiency of the current system.

Take for example, the music industry. At present, three or four mega-corporate record labels control what music reaches the public. Like our national political candidates, their products are essentially identical, yet they must compete with each other. Thus, each label produces huge volumes of music that competes by attempting to sound identical to its competitors.

Just as a chess player might think it foolish to stop one or two moves shy of a checkmate, we believe that the corporate music conglomerates should get it over with, and merge immediately. A merger would allow the new mega-corporation to produce one genre of music, unencumbered by sound-alike competitors. This lucrative new sound could be called 'smooth mainstream light', and could be produced by electronic equipment and a small number of musicians. More of the profits could then go to those who really deserve them; the corporate managers. It seems only fair to reward those who have streamlined the system by making the elements of creativity, originality, and content irrelevant to the production of contemporary music.

Blusion® is a remarkably unmarketable blend of jazz, funk, hip-hop, blues, salsa, rock, vocal and instrumental music. We exist to serve as a warning to all those who would perhaps otherwise be tempted to attempt something new and different. We starve so that others may live.

Compatible with no existing commercial radio format, too jazzy for blues promoters, too bluesy for jazz promoters, and much too 'whatever' for pop audiences, we strive to hasten the dawn of a New World Order in which endeavors such as ours are recognized for what they are; a colossal waste of time and money.

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