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Welcome to the official Blusion® Website

Blusion® is an independent jazz, funk, Latin, hip-hop, blues, fusion band based in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area.

Following trends established by capitalist corporate conglomerates, Blusion® is consolidating its vast market power, extending its dominance over the music industry, and expanding beyond mere musical entertainment.

In addition to being Political Activists striving to "make it" on the FBI No Fly List, Blusion® for World Fusion will also participate in the all-American tradition of shameless promotion and over-production of useless goods and services.

Our highly paid marketing consultants and image manufacturers told us that we need to make a simple statement that says what we are about.

We have boiled it down to one word:


We like fun, because it's funny.

Actually, we want to associate ourselves with sex too, because sex sells. So when you think of Blusion® think of fun and sex.

You also might want to consider thinking about national health care, protecting the environment, and taking back our democracy from corporate thieves. But if you do, don't forget to have funny sex and think of Blusion®

Thank you for your support.
Here are some Directory Resources to help you locate big fun in the Bay Area.

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